Some images of the inaugural evening on June 10th of the exhibition dedicated to “The face of Christ” and “The 12 great Byzantine Feasts”, the fourth and final stop in Florence of the 2nd International Meeting for Byzantine Art in 2017, where were exhibited the works of the Greek, Romanian and Italian iconography workshops. Of interest are the great works (great in the sense of truly impressive dimensions), made by several hands by the students of the Greek and Florentine Workshops; to those “Florentine” have worked people of different nations (Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Mexico) coming from three different continents!

Then some pictures of some moments of the workshops on Sunday 11 June. The first was dedicated to the colors of the ancient iconographs by Roberta Capezzuoli and Javier Carrasco. Following the speech by Stefan Tatu on behalf of the Romanian institutions that took part in the event and the beautiful lesson by Roxana Coman from the Museum of Palazzo Sutu in Bucharest on the frescoes of the Monastery of Vacaresti. One of these paintings was the model for the last practical hand-drawing workshop conducted by Roberta Capezzuoli and Christina Matiaki.