Council Members

Christina Matiaki President

“My name is Cristina Matiaki and I come from Greece. I am a theologian with a degree in Fine Arts, in the field of Theory and History of Art and an MSc in Byzantine Archeology and Art. I have studied Paleography, iconography and mosaic.

I am a teacher of iconography and in the past I have participated and also organized iconographic exhibitions and workshops of iconography in Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania.

I believe in the power of voluntarism and that’s why I offered in many cases my services, such as: the Olympic Games in Greece, for more than 5 years the leadership and administration assistance of a children summer camp, as a vice-president of the nonprofit charity Association “Saint Stylianos”, Shelter for children in Greece, help in the welcoming of people from the countries of the Middle East in the refugee crisis that Greece was involved in 2018(nutrition services). I have written articles on Byzantine art and participated as a speaker in conferences. I am currently working on a European program for pilgrimage tourism in the Prefecture of Epirus.”

Alessandro Mazzucchelli Vice President

My name is Alessandro Mazzucchelli and I was born in Florence (Italy) in 1958. I am an art historian (University of Florence).

I did studies in the history of religions, theology and the theory of art. Since 1985 I have dedicated myself to the dissemination of Medieval and Byzantine art and history, giving lectures and conferences in many Italian and European cities.

I organized and led study trips to Egypt, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Romania, England and Ireland.
I have a long experience in the direction of Cultural Associations (since 2008 Archeosophical Association, Florence) and in the organization of events (for example the three editions of the International Meeting on Byzantine Art from 2016 to 2018).

I am the author of several essays and publications on medieval history and art and I am preparing new ones.

Maria Fasnaki Secretary

I am Maria Fasnaki and I am a dental technician. For almost 30 years I have been an associate dentist to a private dental clinic and in the past I have taught for 5 years orthodontic techniques in the private academy “Pasteur” in Thessaloniki, Greece. I have participated in seminars of psychology and sociology organized by the Greek Social University and I was professionally involved in sports, such as rowing, shot put and javelin throw. I am an active member of the ecological movement in Kozani, Greece and for the past 4 years I am studying iconography.

Athanasia Riva Treasurer

My name is Riva Athanasia and my professional carrier is connected with a great love I had since I was very young. Children.

I am a kindergarten teacher and for the last ten years I am the owner of a kindergarten in Kozani. In the past I have worked as a private employee in private schools in Thessaloniki and as an animator in children’s event teams. Working with children was always for me a very rewarding experience.

For the past two years I have discovered the art of Byzantine iconography, an artistic path that I really want to explore.

Alessandro Boncompagni Fund Manager

My name is Alessandro Boncompagni and I was born in Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy) in 1952. I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Florence.

Today retired, but already an official of the Municipal Administration of Arezzo. In the eighties and nineties I worked on project management in the “theater and cinema” sector; then, as director of the Tourism and Folklore Office of Arezzo, I carried out various projects to promote the area, especially in Germany, France, Belgium and Spain. I worked as secretary of the EHRN (European Historical Re-enactment Network), a network funded by the European Community. I was part of the PIUSS (Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Plan) staff. In the last years of working activity I managed the Antiques Fair of Arezzo, the largest and oldest in Italy and, within the sector of economic activities and development of the territory, I dealt with territorial marketing and funding research. I am also the author of articles and publications on local history, director, author and theater teacher. I cultivate the hobby of wood carving within the “ARte’s Nel cuore del legno” association.

Audit Committee

Stella Dessou


Radu Dorcioman


Diana Gkanatsiou