“Methexi” is a coalescence, a junction or simply given, a union of cultures, arts, countries and most of all of persons.

The spirit of this initiative derives from two simple but important values. Love and respect. Respect of the special characteristics (national, cultural, religious and personal) not only of our members but of every human being.  It is about making the effort for a peaceful and loving coexistence of any kind of different opinions, beliefs and worldviews.

In “Methexi” we want to help and support the freedom of expression, in all the fields of arts through intercultural artistic activities. Some of our main goals are the preservation, rescue and dissemination of knowledge for cultural heritage with a special spiritual content, combined with the development and promotion of contemporary cultural creation.

We also aim to raise awareness of the relevant, to culture and arts, institutions that can support our actions of informing and activating the public through the organization of multi-leveled events. Seminars, exhibitions, publications and educational trips are some of the activities we organize so as to make all these happen.

Our founding members until now come from three countries: Greece, Italy and Romania.

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The mental encounter, contact and communication between not only the world of senses but also with the world of ideas.
A word coming from greek philosophy & the greek verb:
Μετέχω – Metecho – Participate

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