Here are the photos of the second stage of the itinerant exhibition that took place from April to June 2017, in 4 different locations (Grevena and Kozani in Greece, Bucharest in Romania and Florence in Italy) with the collective and individual works of the students of the workshops of Iconography of three countries, Greece, Romania and Italy, on a common theme established in October 2016: “The Face of Christ” and also “The 12 great Byzantine Feasts”.

Here we are in Kozani in Greece, region of Macedonia rich in traditions in the field of Byzantine and post-Byzantine iconographic painting. At the exhibition there were works on wood panel by the students of the Greek and Romanian schools and some large canvases, collective works of the students: the Crucifixion and the Transfiguration from the Workshop of Kozani in Greece, directed by Christina Matiaki, icons from Romania by the Workshop leaded by Sister Theodosia and the Nativity by the Workshop of the Association Archeosofica of Florence, directed by Roberta Capezzuoli. Some picture also from the two practical lessons: one of design leaded by Petros Karakaris, the teacher of the Workhop of Iconography in Grevena; and a second one leaded by Roberta Capezzuoli and Javier Carrasco, teachers of the Workshop in Florence, about the ancient colors.